Aquarius 2

Aquarius 2

















Model: Induction Flood light Aquarius 2

IP: IP65


Sample Dimensions:

Aquarius 2 Dimensions









Constructed from high impact polycarbonate and tempered glass lens it is one of the most robust flood lights available on the market today in regards to energy efficient floodlights.

With a Miro4 reflector, this flood light is more than 90% efficient and with a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours is a virtually maintenance free product. Designed in the EU and assembled in Ireland by Fairtrade Lighting International the new Aquarius Floodlight is setting the standard in energy efficient flood light design.

The unit comes with lamp and ballast already fitted, all that the installer has to do is fit a cable of the desired length to the floodlight and mount the bracket for easy installation.

The handy snap lock clips which retain the glass do away with the need for screwdrivers and loosing of components during fitting. The Aquarius Induction floodlight is truly a fit and forget product.

With instant start and re-strike, the Aquarius Induction Lamp floodlight can be safely used with photocells and motion sensors. The added benefit of pure white lighting makes it ideal for high security applications enabling colour cameras to see especially better at night time, in fact one of the side effects we have noticed of Induction Lighting and floodlights was with CCTV day night cameras. The light produced from induction lighting floodlights and other fixtures kept the day night cameras from actually switching into black and white operation whilst maintaining a great night time colour picture.

Those in the know will realise that day/night cameras are supposed to switch back to Black and White mode during night operation to enable it to pick up infra red and give a better picture, as colour cameras do not see infra red and lose most of their vision in dark environments.

Features Of The Aquarius Energy Saving Area Floodlight

Locking Detail

The Aquarius Floodlight comes with an ingenious unique locking mechanism built into the bracket mounting. It has unique interlocking teeth which will prevent any slippage of the bracket during particularly windy conditions, once the nuts are tightened sufficiently. This makes for a very sturdy unit and in addition there are graduations on the side of the floodlight which enable it to be set at any angle desired and more importantly to be able to set all other flood lights on a building to the same desired angle. Each stainless steel bolt comes with its own cover which finishes the unit in line with its black finish and makes it look cleaner. The unit is available currently in 80 Watt, 120 Watt and 150 Watt and have just released a smaller wattage versions in the same body type. See Aquarius 1 here