Induction Flood light Aquarius 1
















Materials: High pressure aluminum die-casting alloy body, plastic spraying surface High efficiency aluminum reflector, tempered glass.

Application: Various types of floodlight areas.

Sample Dimensions:

Aquarius 1 Dimensions






The Aquarius 1 is our finest addition to our polycarbonate induction floodlight range and is smaller than the Aquarius 2. It is only available in 40 or 50 Watt variants.

The floodlight comes with a polished aluminium reflector, is compact and is easy to install. It comes with all of the features you are used to seeing on the larger model for  80,120 and 150 Watts.

The floodlight body comes with a unique non slip bracket, which comprises of two interlocking toothed plates as well as a graduated protractor, enabling multiple fixtures to be aligned in the same orientation using a simple scale. No more guess work in aligning the floodlight.