• What is the lifespan of an induction light?

Lifetimes of up to 100,000 hours are reported for induction lighting, and we provide a limited warranty of 5 years for all our induction products. This exceptionally long lifespan is possible since there is no electrical contact with the gas inside an induction lamp, as there is in standard fluorescent lamps. Fairtrade Lighting is committed to using top quality components for the ballast and lamp that ensure a long, service-free lifespan.

  • What is the lowest operating temperature for the induction lamps?

Products of Fairtrade Lighting have been proven to work efficiently at the lowest operating temperature of -40°C.

  • Do the induction lamps need a dedicated fixture?

Yes, due to the operating and thermal requirements the system needs to be properly installed in a suitable fixture.

  • Are Induction Lamps Suitable For Retrofitting Into My Existing Light Fixtures?

Whilst retrofit of lamps and ballasts are possible, it is not something we would in general recommend as the retrofitting of Luminaries is often (but not always) uneconomical/impractical for the following reasons-

  1. The cost of the retrofit kit can often represent more than two thirds of the cost of a complete new Induction fitting
  2. The physical dimensions of the lamp, which are quite large in comparison to MH/SON lamps, may not fit the existing fixture
  3. Consideration must also be given to the siting and location of the ballast.
  4. The existing reflector is not optimised for use with an Induction lamp, hence no photometric data would be available for design purposes
  5. There may be issues which could invalidate the induction warranty, such as inadequate heat dissipation
  6. Induction is a long-life product, is it really prudent to fit technology that may last in excess of 20 years in older fixtures that may be reaching the end of their own usable life?
  7. We do not carry large stocks of retrofit parts for the above reasons and lead in times may be long.
  8. We would not want to put off the option of retrofitting completely as there are cases when this can be achieved and have also worked quite successfully in pole-tops and bollards, etc. but in general this is not suitable for floodlighting for example.
  • Can Induction Lighting Be Used With Occupancy Sensors?

Induction Lighting is very much suitable for use with lighting controls and particularly occupancy sensors. The induction lamp can be switched on and off as required without adversely affecting the life of the lamp because there are no electrodes inside of the lamp to break down. If you were using fluorescent with lighting controls, you need to ensure that they are left on for at least ten minutes to ensure you maintain the maximum life of the tube. Fluorescent lighting life expectancy will be reduced by switching, however induction lighting is not subject to this effect as we offer our own range of high quality occupancy sensors.

  • Can the induction lights be dimmed?

Yes, our lamps can be dimmed with 0-10v.

  • What is the Warranty on Induction Lighting?

Fairtrade Lighting International offers a 5 year limited warranty on all lamps and ballasts. We will replace or repair any defective items within this period.