Model: FTIP54 Indus


The fixture itself is constructed from high grade steel and is given a corrosion resistant powder coated finish. The IP54 Indus comes with a standard IP54 glass lens and can be equiped with an optional occupancy sensor for over 30% further energy savings.

The occupancy sensors we use come in a range of 5, 10 and 16 Meter ranges and are designed to maintain comfortable levels of light whilst optimising energy efficiency throughout the area. The sensors are designed to use only light where it is required and we have seen some dramatic savings on top of what can be achieved by the induction lighting element alone, where these have been deployed.

The Indus induction lighting unit can be used in warehouses, factories, retail, workshops, cold storage rooms, aisle lighting and other applicable areas. It has a very low profile for this type of unit and can be mounted using chains, threaded bar or direct to ceiling surface.


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