High Bay Induction Lighting Ireland & UK

High Bay Induction Lighting IrelandHigh bay lighting is one of the most effective ways to light a large area such as a warehouse, factory, maintenance depot or workshop. Typical high bay working heights are over 5 meters or more.

Fairtrade Lighting International offer solutions using induction lighting technology, which offer high quality white light whilst using 50% less energy than a conventional sodium vapour or metal halide fixture.

A typical 200 Watt Induction high bay light fixture would replace a conventional 400 Watt fixture with a power saving of over 50% and an expected life of 100,000 hours.

Our high bay lighting fixtures come with a five year warranty and are virtually maintenance free over the life of the product. Occupancy sensors can be used successfully with this type of high bay lighting fixture to achieve a further notable energy saving amount as well as maintaining comfort levels of lighting within the facility. Contact us for further details on high bay lighting or any of our products or you can download the data sheets here.


High Bay Induction Lighting Products From Fairtrade Lighting International


Orion High BayOrion Induction High Bay

Orion Induction High Bay Lighting One of our most popular selling products and most versatile. The Orion induction high bay fixture is constructed from aluminium. The reflector is highly polished and is designed specifically for the induction lamp to give optimum output. Each fixture comes with a tempered glass lens as standard and has an option of a clear polycarbonate…

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Ara Induction High BayAra Induction High Bay

The Polycarbonate High Bay Solution The polycarbonate high bay Induction fixture is ideal for areas where a certain amount of light needs to be thrown up onto the ceiling for aesthetic reasons such as a car showroom, or for added lighting reflection from the ceiling such as food safe areas where there is a tendency to have reflective roof surfaces…

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