High Bay LED Lighting Case Study





Installation Snapshot:

• 24/7 lighting indoor
• Replaced – 400W HPS. 512 LED fixtures installed.
• IL luminance level – 200 lux
• Mounting height – 9 metres
• Energy reduction – 69%
• Installed load cut from 19 to 7.4W/sq metre


This facility equipped with our products reduced its lighting energy use by 69% and reduced its carbon emissions because of the solid-state LED High Bays that do not flicker or dim due to the amount of energy being pumped by the machinery.

This resulted in the steadiness of lux level which remained constant at 200 at floor level and caused an improved and consistent color rendition, while the ability of LEDs’ to turn-ON instantly resulted in no re-strike delay following power outages.

Carrying a 5-year continuous performance warranty and with a really long expected lifetime, the LED lighting has also greatly reduced the maintenance burden and cost.